Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Janos PeterJanos Peter
Passed 1st Time
Mr. Alastair was an excellent instructor, patient, helpful, but rough enough to get me sorted. I am used to right hand driving, but he knew how to get me sorted to be able to do left hand driving. I only got 6 faults on my first exam. All in all, I can only recommend him for any type of learner. Thank you Mr. Alastair. Bear.

Charlotte PorterCharlotte Porter
Passed 1st Time
Alastair guided me from my very first time sitting in the driver's seat to passing in a couple of months. The book was essential for working between lessons and I am sure that it will be used lots since passing. I would recommend Alastair to anyone looking to learn, particularly anxious drivers like myself, as he is very calming and goes at the learner's pace.

Patrick OliverPatrick Oliver
Passed Driving Test
Alastair is very helpful and patient. The L.D. System helped me to clearly progress. I enjoyed my lessons.

Roxana KazemiRoxana Kazemi
Passed Driving Test
Amazing instructor who did not give up on me!

Leanne PopeLeanne Pope
Passed 1st Time
Alastair explained everything to me from the start when we learnt the biting point, all the way up to my test. If I got stuck with anything Alastair explained and helped me a lot. When I had lessons that I felt didn't go well he got me back in the driving seat and boosted my confidence. Thank you Alastair for all your help!

Ben HubbardBen Hubbard
Passed 1st Time
I feel that Alastair, my instructor, was very good and during all lessons prior to the test I felt safe at all times and made maximum progression in my ability to drive. The way in which Alastair structures his lessons is extremely beneficial to the Student and helped me to pass the test. I also feel the LDC Workbook helps so much in giving a strong theory aspect to complement the practical lessons.

Xubo LiuXubo Liu
Passed Driving Test
Alastair is a very kind man. He always tries his best to help me and is very patient. The learning resources are useful for the test. Actually, if my friends want to pass the driving test I will recommend Alastair to them.

Adityaraj DevAdityaraj Dev
Passed Driving Test
I would like to thank Alastair MacBrayne of LDC - Warwick for helping me in acquiring my driving licence. Having 7 years of experience of driving in another country didn't come as help much. When I got in touch with LDC who assigned my case to Mr MacBrayne he helped me understand right from the basics up to perfecting my skills to become a safe and ethical driver on the UK roads. LDC is an extremely organised company. They assigned me a tutor within a day. Initially I was hesitant in approaching a bigger driving school like LDC as I thought they would be expensive, but I was wrong and it turned out they were far more affordable than most of the drIving schools I approached.

Alastair is extremely patient and understanding. He made detailed reports on my driving and conducted a few mock tests and helped me understand and overcome my bad driving habits and imperfections in an extremely positive way. The learning guide - book - LDC have constructed is extremely detailed and thorough. I was trained in different traffic conditions like town centre driving, bay parking, roundabouts, difficult manoeuvres, dual carriageways during different times of the days. The planning and structuring of this program is flawless and meticulous. Alastair underwent LDC’s advanced driving course for tutors which helps in perfecting pupils skills even more.

Alastair always offered extra time and efforts and never rushed to finish on time. He arrived 10 minutes earlier at all time. He also offered generous 15-20 minutes towards the end of every session as that time was initally spent on briefing and planning. I am extremely satisfied with LDC’s esteemed services. I am not just happy because I got my driving licence, but I am more happier because I have become an ethical and a responsible driver. I will highly recommend LDC and Alastair especially for someone who lives in Leamington, Warwick, Stratford or near by areas. Thank you very much Alastair.

Sam Watson
Passed 1st Time
I started my driving 3 years ago on the south coast, but stopped when I moved to University. I wanted to take up driving again when I moved out of my university accommodation onto a placement. I made the decision to drive with Alastair because of the low costs in comparison to competitors and because of the intensity of the course that he was able to offer. Throughout my learning Alastair has supported me and pushed to take me to the highest standards possible. We focused on my weak spots in lessons and Alastair gave me control in what we wanted to improve. I am extremely grateful for the guidance Alastair and LDC have given me throughout our three months and I am pleased that I was pushed to improve at every corner. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into making me a better driver Alastair!

Mark DruceMark Druce
Passed Driving Test
Alastair is an excellent instructor, very thorough and he cares about his students. His training methods are excellent and he goes into a lot of detail making sure everything is covered properly. I'm very happy with the instruction Alastair provided and I highly recommend him.

Mark Druse
Alastair is an excellent instructor, very thorough and cares about his students. His training methods are excellent and he goes into a lot of detail making sure everything is covered properly. I'm very happy with the instruction Alastair provided and I highly recommend him.